Hi, my Name is Norm, the co-founder of Kissofire Hunter valley Liqueur’s, which is a family owned and operated company. I have spent the last 30 years in the Wine industry, this is where my journey begun, with having a German background you can see where my love for sweet things comes from.


I started out with 1 liqueur (Chilli Butterscotch) after having some setbacks and being of the market for a few years. I worked hard and got my product back on the market it had a brand-new home and brand-new name.


I now have 24 different butterscotch flavors for everyone to love for our Chilli Lovers and our non-Chilli lovers.  our liqueurs are all handmade unique and most important delicious, they are so versatile you can make cocktails, have them on their own you can even cook with them.


Our Famous Chilli Butterscotch has won the Mr Chilli Competition 6 years running for the best Chilli liqueur in Australia and New Zealand. makes all the hard work worth it!


I Absolutely  love what I do – but none of it would mean a thing if our liqueurs weren’t ENJOYED by the amazing people I have meet and have purchased our liqueurs on the crazy journey so far.

Thank you!     

My Motto is 


I truly believe you can achieve anything if you stick to this.



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