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KissOfire was born from the vision of Norman Giese, Norm has been producing KissOfire for the past 18 years, discovering the idea after attending the Manly Chilli Festival.

Norm said the festival featured everything chilli flavoured you could think of, except for liqueur.

So, he went back and tampered with the creation for nine months to get it to wear he wanted it and has used the same handmade method ever since.

Several years later KissOFire Fired Up, which was previously known as Dragon’s Breath, at the time would go on to win best new product at this same festival.

It is rated a five-and-a-half out of 10 in terms of hotness and contains 17 percent alcohol. known for its Sweet yet Spicy unique blend of Butterscotch.

KissOfire is Gaining attention from all over the globe winning multiple awards, and still is being voted the best chilli Liqueur in Australia and New Zealand by Mr Chilli Today.

Norm said there are so many great things about chilli liqueur, it cleanses the pallet, keeps you warm, boosts the metabolism and can be put with so many different things.

“It’s brilliant,” he said.

“The flavour is so unique.”

“and Seeing other people love my product as much as I do is a dream come true.”

Nowadays, Kissofire has grown to create a Variety of flavours for all tastes and all occasions. Our aim is to continue to create flavours using our unique blend of butterscotch.

“Watching Kissofire grow into the iconic place it is today is extremely close to my heart”

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We are not a vineyard or cellar door; however, we do offer tastings in a unique atmosphere, Our Tasting area offers an unforgettable experience, with our friendly staff there to help you choose your favourite Liqueur, for Chilli lovers and Non Chilli Lovers.

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